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Sourcing Silver - Not At Auction

Hi All,

Having been avid antiques collectors for sometime we have become somewhat disillusioned by the process of paying auction fees and the process of sourcing (or attempting to source!) hard-to-find items, as I’m sure many of you can relate to!

With this in mind I wanted to introduce you to a new concept we are trialling called Not At Auction. So far we have had matches to over 80% of the requests made on the website which has been phenomenally successful!

It’s completely FREE and very simple - post a request of what you after with any background info/pictures and we will send it to over 2,500 sellers – we will then alert you with any matches for sellers that have your wanted items. Please feel free to post as many requests as you like. Similarly you can click on ‘View requests’ if you have any items you wish to sell

Please visit - and have a go. It’s not just antiques but anything collectable.

Would love to hear any feedback you have on the idea and hope you enjoy using it!


Chris & Tom
(The Not At Auction team)

Love the idea and I’ll give it a try!

Although at the moment it seems mostly to be dealers advertising to buy collections…