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Spent a day digging through the family shed

In my family, anything that’s old, interesting, or both, is set aside for me. While it would be great to find "the jackpot, " That would only be icing on the cake. I just like to know the history of my family. Learning about the items they left behind paints a story, whether truth or imaginative conjecture, the past is our connection to the history of life. (Anyone else ready for a glass of scotch?
Finally to the point. I found a few silver items and would love to know what the marks represent. If you’ve read this far thank you for your fortitude. If you have some help to offer, thank you for your patience and fortitude… :confused: javascript:emoticon(’:P’)

The first is M. Fred Hirsch Co Inc of Jersey City, NJ, active 1920 until c1945. I don’t know the second one.

“Weighted” and “re-enforced” simply mean that the item is composed of a relatively thin sheet of silver with some other substance inside to give the item shape, weight and strength.