STE with winged insect over M in oval - ID help

Hi all,

Looking for some help in identifying this mark please. It shows as an oval with STE at the top, a winged insect in the middle and M below.

I’ve managed to (possibly) trace the snuff box to an Italian maker called Elisa Bissone in Valenza from the 236AL mark next to the 800 in oval. This mark entered 14/07/1943.

The two rectangular marks have been identified as French import marks, which are Weevils. These were used between 1893 and 1984.

If anyone knows about the oval with the winged insect, it would be incredibly helpful!

Hi, I have done a bit of digging and I think I have found some relevant info regarding the dragonfly stamp.

That particular stamp refers to - Compiegne; discharge mark; 1768-1774. This is what I found in my book “The Book of Old Silver”

I believe it has something to do with the French occupation of Italy at the time and the stamps they used to indicate where it was from.

Just a guess, hope it helps


Although the Compiègne discharge mark has a winged insect similar to the one in this mark it doesn’t have the Ste and M. The box is clearly 20th century as evidenced by its style and the Italian manufacturer’s/sponsor’s identification.

For interested readers this query was first posted on another forum where I believe it is more likely to get a valid answer.