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Sterling English Claret Jug


I have a sterling English Claret jug with the Leopards head without the crown. The company initials are H W & Co LD with the lareg letter U. Can anyone help me identify the company and year please? I have seen a similar jug hallmarked in Birmingham by Collings and Wallace.

Thanks Nikki!


Hi Nikki,
Firstly try not to post questions like this in photographing silver, it helps everyone if things are posted in their correct place.

The claret jug was made in London (the leopards head) in 1895 (the U) by Horace Woodward & Co ltd. Their mark was first registered in 1893, and the last mention of them I can find is from around 1905.

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Many thanks for the quick reply to my Claet Jug question. I do apologise for posting the question and photo in the incorrect place.




With regards to the claret jug would you be able to give an estimate of the value?

Many thanks for your help,


Hi Nikki, Its no troubles,

I would think a replacement value would be around £1500-£1750 (GBP).

This would depend on the condition of the glass, if the glass is original, and of course the condition of the silver.

Best regards


Thank you Daniel,



is it possible to make the pic visible ?
greetings tom


Hi Tom,
I am having troubles getting the pic back, I will get Jonathan to have a look next time he has a chance.

All the best


Good morning Tom,

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Nicola McMartin


Good morning Tom,

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