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sterling kalo shops pitcher


Greetings- I have a sterling water pitcher marked “Sterling Hand Wrought The Kalo Shops Chicago and New York 10479”

Through research I have found it dated 1912-1916. It is in mint condition, no dents, marks, monograms. It is hand hammered.

I have heard value from $4000-6500…Is that accurate? :question: :question:

Thanks in advance


Hi there Kate, and thanks for joining us. The Kalo Shops silver is very popular right now. I find a Kalo pitcher priced at $3,500 at an online shop, see two auction results for Kalo pitchers at $2,750 and $2,233, and one on ebay now with “buy it now” at $5,835 with no bidders, and it has been on ebay before at the same price with no bidders.

The prices for good American sterling water pitchers have skyrocketed in the last couple of years…they are hot items now. For example, ornate Gorham water pitchers that used to fetch a few hundred dollars are now in the thousands. On the other hand, American sterling napkin rings that were selling for over $150 a couple of years ago seem to have dropped some to the $100 range or less.

As with anything that is out of production and rare, prices vary with the times. And another driving force in the silver antiques market is the price of silver itself, up from $4-5 an oz. a few years ago to today’s $13.50.


Uncle Vic


Thanks Uncle Vic…I guess it was a great purchase…garage sale for $3.00 !!! It is so wonderful filled with hydrangeas, I will probably just enjoy it for a few years !

Wonderful surprise !


Well, you sure made a good deal there Kate. My reference book shows the mark you describe as being used by Kalo between 1914 and 1918 - the only period when “Chicago and New York” were in the mark, other times just “Chicago” or no city at all. The company was founded in 1900 by Clara Welles and existed until 1970.

Enjoy it!

Uncle Vic