Sterling Meiji period Dragon teapot

Hello everyone …

I’m wondering if any folks here are familiar with this particular teapot .
I have been researching for several months , and have found no others the same .

I purchased it from a private Estate , in the Pacific N.W.

This teapot is .950 silver (had it tested to be sure) , weighs about 18.5 oz , (minus the handle) and holds 750ml when full .

It is a Kyusu teapot , with the Ivory handle (approx. 70mm long) mounted at 90 degrees , relative to the spout .

The teapot is done in repousee , with a 2 Water-dragon motif .
The two dragons on the body of the pot are intertwined , and one dragons’ neck & head serve as the spout .
The dragon head(s) on the spout & lid are cast silver & are silver-soldered on .

The only hallmark I’ve found is the ‘solid silver’ Jungin on the bottom of the pot (see image) .

When filled , steam rises from the Dragons’ mouth & produces a very
novel effect .

I thank you , in advance , for any interest &/or input !
sm 2.JPG