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Sterling Silver Pipe Rack - Hallmark identification needed!


As the title suggests the item I am attempting to find out about the hallmarks on a (believed to be) Sterling Silver gentlemens pipe rack. Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi there, and thanks for joining us on

The hallmark is for London (the leopards head) in 1958 (the date letter C). The lion passant tells us that the piece is sterling silver, i.e 92.5% pure silver. The makers mark is a little obscured on the right hand side, can you tell me what the last letter is? I can read A E ?.

If you let me know that I will try and find a possible maker for you.

Best regards


Thanks for your responce. The picture is about as good as it gets really, but I think it could be an ‘I’ - making it AEI?

Maybe ‘E’ - making it AEE?


I thought it might have been an I.

Unfortunately you have stumped me on this, I don’t know many modern silversmiths (modern for me being post 1900).

I will have a look in a few resource books and see what I can find.