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Stewart Dawson & Co teapot

Hello, I’m trying to find information about this gorgeous teapot. It has a bone or ivory(??) lid knob and also the same inserted in the handle. I would love to know the history if anyone is kind enough to shed any light on it. Appreciation in advance
Karen :blush:

SD&Co are probably just the import/selling agents (in Australia most likely) as the manufacturer is James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. If you desperately need to know the material of the knob and insulator you will find plenty of information on the internet about testing. My feeling is that it is unlikely that ivory would have been used on an electroplated item - and if they were shown to be ivory would it make you feel bad about how it was sourced…


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Hi Phil, any clue as to the age or era of the pot please?

From the style it’s late 19th century or Edwardian (1880-1910)