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Stewart Dawson Silver with Blue Glass Liner, what is it for?

Good morning everyone I am new on here,
I found this Lovely Stewart Dawson British Silver Piece with blue glass liner. It is fully hallmarked for Stewart Dawson and Chester and Date code 1915-1916.

Silver Dimensions:
Height: 11cm.
Base width: 67mm.
Top Width: 53mm.

Blue Glass Liner Dimensions:
Height : 95mm
Width: 51mm.

Hope the photos help,
Will be so grateful of anybody’s help on this matter,
thank you in advance,
Julian. … n%20Silver

Welcome to the forum, Julian.

My first thought was that it is a salt shaker or pepperette without its lid, but it’s probably a bit on the large size for that given the dimensions you quote. But too small for a preserve jar (again without a lid). I shall have to have a think…

Yes this is what I thought, I have looked at a lot of silver pepperette’s on the web and they are all a lot smaller than this and usually half the size and this is why I find it odd. There is absolutely no evidence in the way of wear or marks that there was ever any type of lid to it. I thought it may be a small posy vase but again most have a lit with holes to hold the flowers. Hope somebody may know something more…

I’ll throw my hat hat into the ring with a suggestion of a bar-top holder for angostura bitters. The bottles at the time were extremely small.
Just an idea.