strange silver bangle? German?

:blush: Hiya all, well i have now been sat at my computer for 5 hours looking and searching thetopic of all things silver. In basic my mums mum and dad died when she was very young. Her oldest sister died recently and when we were sorthing her house out mymum found a silver bangle. My mum remembers nothing about it, only that it was her great grand dads. I am in the process of getting pictures. she also seems to think it was from Germany.
My mumreally just wants toknow some history on the band. It is defo silver. The out side of the band is black and seems to have a sham rock style pattern clover looking with the odd flower here and there. On the inside it has a stay symbol then a lowercase letterg and then the number 1.

We are just very curious about its history. haha maybe there is none but it is one of those things that is bugging us. I have honestly looked but i just cantseem tofind any thing xxx

sorry my lap top keepsfreezing. so my words are joined up i was meant to type a star symbol with a lower case g and the letter 1 xxx