swiss pocketwatch

Just bought my first pocketwatch. There are hallmarks and other kinds of marks but i can not figure out what it means. Can someone help me? I know that the bear stands for switserland. Any help will be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Apart from the fact that it is Swiss there is not much more to tell. 0.935 is the silver standard and the number is a serial number of some sort. Accurate dating is not possible and naming the maker requires a recognisable manufacturer’s mark.

I will post later today a better photo and a photo of the front and back of the pocketwatch. Thank you for replying.

As you can see i have two photo´s of the front and the back. Unfortunately my camera is not that good,.I couldn´t take a better image of the hallmarks. But if someone knows the style of the pocketwatch please let me know. In the cover of the clockwork there is a mark LM and a man that looks like an inca.

I have found out tat the letters lm are cm Consti Mathey. Can someone tell me about him?