This pot was found in a very distressed state, has you can see it cleaned up perfect,
it stands just over 8inch tall and weighs 2 lb 8 ounce i can not find any marks at all.It is not magnetic. Any help identifing would be appreciated. Regards John.

Most likely to be a tea pot originally; coffee pots are normally more upright, but it may have been a coffee pot with a squatter matching teapot. This is in the transition zone between the two so, if you want to use it, it won’t matter what you put in it. No markings suggest it is electroplate rather than solid silver and make it impossible to assign a date, country or manufacturer.

Thanks for the reply i was hoping it might have some value but never mind it looks good in my cabinet.

go to a jewellers and have it tested for being silver or not. It looks great and if solid silver then its easily worth a lot. Have you examined it all over? Any mark at all?

I have looked more or less all over they wouldn"t have put hallmarks deep down in the pot would they? I have thought about going to a jeweller but never got round to going i will put this on my to do list.

no, the hallmarks would be clear to see, perhaps on the bottom underneath, near the foot or under the rim. Its something id suggest u put at the top of your list! If its silver u might have a handsome amount of money in that pot :smiley: