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Tea Pot me

I have been searching for years to identify this hallmark. I love this teapot, but have never had any luck finding the maker, therefore also no year it was made. I would love you forever if you can help me finally solve the mystery.


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The dates on your pictures certainly tell the story of your long search! Unfortunately it will continue to be fruitless. If you turn your first picture upside down you will see the gothic (or Old English) letters EPGS. This stands for ElectroPlated German Silver. German Silver is an old name for the base metal alloy nickel silver, the name falling out of favour during the First World War. The “2” and the triangle mark also do not help to identify the maker and the indentation following the S is simply a manufacturing artefact. It was not uncommon for electroplated pieces to have no manufacturer’s name.

Finally I have to tell you that your teapot is not a teapot. It is a tea kettle and should have a spirit burner which would have been positioned under the stand to heat the water.


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