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teapot and stand..Sheffield?


HI I have this (Sheffield?) teapot and stand. Could you inform me more about it. The maker and date. I believe it is silver plate? thankyou


Yes to both Sheffield and silver plate. HB&H are Harrison Brothers & Howson. Date is probably early 20th century. Harrison Bros & Howson were taken over by Viners Ltd c1925.


Thankyou very much. Its nice to put a name to a set of letters. Finally,… Would you know about the circumstances for the take over by Viners Ltd? :slight_smile:


This site has a little more on the history of Harrison Bros & Howson. They say that the takeover was actually in 1959 and imply that it was because Harrisons were in financial difficulties. I have no reason to doubt this date and apologise for quoting an incorrect date in my earlier reply.