Teapot handle replacement

A dear German friend living in Italy has an EPNS teapot. The handle came off a long time ago and is lost. I promised to find out if a new one could be fitted. Who can do this for me?
The teapot is marked “MADE IN SHEFFIELD ENGLAND” and round that “CAPACITY 6 CUP”
It measures 15 cm high including the black (bakelite?) knob, and 13 cm diameter at the largest. The lower part is 12 sided.
The smaller illustration shows a Viners pot offered by Aberfeldy Antiques that appears to be of similar proportions and I guess the missing handle would be similar.
Can anyone suggest a repairer?

I was waiting in the hope that some kind person would suggest something practical in the way of repair. As this does not seem to be forthcoming I will throw in my twopenn’orth. Unless this teapot has really great sentimental value I cannot see that it is going to be worth the cost of a repair. When repaired the teapot will still have very little value. You could probably buy a similar one on eBay for £10 or so.

A new handle for that pot, including new brass sockets, THEN re-plating would probably run over $2,000!

Sorry for the late reply.