Teapot. Trying to identify hallmarking etc

Hi all. This is my first time here and hopefully I have understood and am complying to all the rules etc about posting questions and images. I will do my best. If I make an error, please let me know so I can try again.

Should be 2 images here, one of tarnished silverplate? teapot and one showing bottom with markings. I cleaned the bottom of tarnish to get clear photo. Can anyone identify the markings for me, i.e. the maker, where it was made and the date, etc. The pot is 7" tall by 9.5" wide (spout to handle) and 600 grams in weight[/img]

Thank you all for taking the time.

Note: when I looked, I saw no photos. Will look to see why they are not attached and try again.

Maybe something has been posted. I will take a look and if there is a problem contact the administrator. Thanks again