Tezcuco Plantation House in Fine Silver--but WHO made it??

ok so I have had this piece for over a year now from a Texas estate auction because I thought it was “Interesting”…it has a picture of the Tezcuco Plantation House on it.
has the words “FINE SILVER” “UNIQUE STUDIO” “SOULE” and the initials “HAS” on it twice.
it measures about 3"x3", weighs about 3.4oz, has been tested to be silver.
After a year I can not find out anything about this except the Plantation house itself.
I’m going crazy here! no one has ever heard of “Unique Studio” or a silversmith “SOULE” or with the initials HAS. :open_mouth:
HELP!!! pleaseeeee!
ANY help would be appreciated! I don’t even know what the heck this thing IS!??