The Dinkie Handy Knife

I collect Georg Jensen silver but my Mom gave me a really cool, little knife. I haven’t had any luck finding information on it. I’m hoping someone on here has some knowledge on this piece. It says “The Dinkie Handy Knife”, “Stainless” and “Made in Sheffield, England” on the box. The knife is 4.5" long with a 2.25" Stainless blade and a 2.25" Mother of Pearl handle. It says “Fredrick Lunning Inc.”, “Made By England” and “Stainless De-Luxe” on the blade. It came with a blade sheath as well. I know Lunning was a designer for Jensen and ran the U.S./ NYC operation. This seems like a promotional item made for Fredrick Lunning Inc. made in England and not in Denmark. I would love to find out more about this little knife. I would appreciate any help that can lead me in the right direction or knows anything about it please let me know. Thanks for your time. David

Follow up: I’m speaking with a shop keeper in Sheffield, England who said it was made there and he is researching the crown on the packaging for me to try to identify the maker. He said the blade markings were probably done in the U.S. for Fredrik Lunning after they were imported from England. He said he has sold several of these knives over the years. Hopefully this mystery can be solved by him. I am waiting on his e-mail with more information. My wife has already stole it for her collection. Thanks for all your views.
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