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Tiara and Brooch

This tiara and brooch set is of Central European origin. It is in a domed glass display case. It uses the forms of leaves, flowers and berries. Quite simply, how much is the set worth in your estimation?

please show picture of hallmark.

I’ve had a look all over it and there is no hallmark. How could I find out whether it is silver plated? Is there a simple test or observation I can do?

experience. But that is not a thing you can do just like that.
I smell, observe the feeling in my fingers, The weight with my fingers, dimensions, feeling.
Asid for testing can be bought - easy to use. but you have to scrach down below the surface. Easy enough whn tried a few tims.

But all that is not for someone new in silver. You must contact someone who knows. Try a silversmith or a museum.

I agree that you need an expert to appraise these. So much depends on whether they are silver or not.