Tiffany pitcher 3 pt

I also have a 3 pt Tiffany pitcher. Here is a picture of the hallmark (link to someone else’s site) My mark is onthe right, 1891-1902. The bottom markings say
Tiffany & Co, 13014 Makers 5133, Sterlin Silver, 925-1000 T 3 pts
This is a fairly simple pitcher without a lot of ornamentation, and a gracefully surved handle. It has a little swirling from polishing, but I think it can be buffed out. As in my bowls, what’s an approximately value range? I don’t see any pitchers remotely like this one on ebay. thanks

Here are some shots of the pitcher. Hope it helps approximating a value!

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]