Tiffany Pompeian Cigar Lighter

I’m posting a photos of a very interesting Tiffany silver cigar lighter in the form of an Aladin’s lamp. The only other reference to it that I can find is in the Tiffany section of web site where they call it a Pompeian Cigar Lamp:

As I don’t have a copy of Charles and Mary Carpenter’s book “Tiffany Silver” a friend looked through it for me and couldn’t find it mentioned in that book.
It has nice early pattern number, 989 and it is further engraved with the initials D.S.A. and the date 1867.

If any Tiffany silver experts have any information about this piece, I would surely appreciate your time in sharing it with me. My specific questions would be, what date range is appropriate for this piece…is this a rarity or a more common piece, where can I find documentation about it, do the engraved initials and date ring any bells, approximate value, etc?

Many thanks in advance.