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Trying to identify lidded tankard

I would be most grateful if any forum members could help me in identifying a lidded tankard that I have recently inherited.

I suspect it is English, however have been unable to identify the hallmarks. I have attached two pictures.

Most appreciated.

Maarten Boeye

Yes, these look like English hallmarks; from the left you have maker’s mark, lion’s head erased (London town mark used on Britannia standard silver), Britannia standard mark and date letter. The maker is Bowles Nash who registered the mark on 7 Mar 1721 and the date letter E is for the assay year 1720/1721 (29 May 1720 to 28 May 1721).

I have one slight reservation in that the shape of the lion’s head erased mark is normally more rounded, like the Britannia mark. That said, I have seen a fairly squared-off looking example from 1720 so this may just be a variant of the normal mark.

Many thanks for the very informative reply.

Maarten Boeye