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Trying to understand this object

Hello, I’m new here and frankly, unaccustomed to participating in forums…please be patient with my attempts at Grammer. To the point then Not long ago I purchased an open salt ( I was told) I’ll try and include some photos. It was an oval pierced silver piece standing on four ball in claw feet at approx 3 1/4" 5 inches across and 7 long. It also has a well fitting cobalt blue liner which rests on a silver floor and ends level wit the beaded edge which runs along the top of this item.halmarks seem to indicate it is from London in the year of 1780 made in sterling silver by William Abdy. On the center vertical face of the object is a monogram surmounted by a crowned peacock ( I think). Hears where it gets confusing for me. There is a second bit of heraldry under the liner. It is an image of a boar passant marred by a circular scar. If one looks at it and turns the object upside down you discover a wooden bottom with a hole that would line up with the scar it thefloor of the piece were facing down…flipped …I had at first thought it was a cruet that had been repurposed but…that doesn’t make sense why would the silver floor have no hole. Why even have a silver floor if you intended to cover it with a liner? This is far out of my wheel house but …I just can’t see the logic of most of the scenarios to explain this oddity. Sorry this is so wordy…thanks again for your patience. As I said…I’ll try and post pictures…hopefully that works out.