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Unable to identify this.

I recently picked up this item. No one I know is able to tell me what this is. Im hoping someone out here will know.

This is the only mark on the bottom of this item. The item is thin in places which leads me to think that its pure.

Also maybe this item was double stamped?
FullSizeRender (3).jpg

I agree that it looks like the mark has been stamped twice. Trying to separate the 2 images I think it might read “lin” or perhaps “Cin”. That doesn’t mean anything to me, but I would expect that if it was silver it would have some sort of fineness mark such as a hallmark, a numerical fineness (925, 850, etc) or “sterling”. Are you sure it’s silver? Could it be a polished white metal?

(I have deleted your other post on this subject so that everything is in one place).