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Unidentified Hallmarks on a Silver Box

I have attached below pictures of hallmarks from a silver box. I have been unable to identify them or determine location or dates associated with them, and any help would be appreciated.

This hallmark (LR?) appears on the front of the box’s lower lip:

This hallmark (possibly shown here up side down) was farther to the side of the lip. An identical mark appears to be on several other spots too:

The top of the box:

The first mark (LK in fact) is the mark of the German maker, Louis Kuppenheim of Pforzheim, approximate dates: 1900-1940.

The other mark (upside down in your picture) is an Austro-Hungarian import mark in use 1900-1921. The letter B is for the city of Linz.


Thanks for the fast response. I am very impressed!