Unidentified marks on Trinket Box

Hi All,

I recently bought a cylindrical trinket box at auction. The bill of sale describes the item as a Chase box, but it wasn’t represented as such at the time of sale, and I doubt that it is Chase & Co.

There are 2 marks on the bottom, but after days of searching the internet, I have come up empty handed. The most prominent mark is “(AL)” stamped using a serif font. There is also a small rectangle with a symbol that I can’t quite make out.

The box itself is decorated with an embossed motif of leaves and flowers in the centre panel, the top and bottom portions with a triangle pattern. I think it dates to the early 1900s (pre WWI), mostly because it has an art nouveau-y feel to it. My best guess is that it might be a Native American piece, but that is a total shot in the dark.