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Unidentified pieces Please help with "where they came f

I inherited this beautiful piece but cannot identify the Maker’s mark on the piece. 3 footed gadrooned (?) edge Heavy 16" Round Trefoil S N F, Any help would be SO APPRECIATED! Thank you in advance. Love this site!

unidentified makers mark.jpg

My only input on this would suggest that Nissiotis was a well known silver retailer in Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, now shut down.

Thank you John! Very Much!!! It is from my Mother in Law who is from Athens! Sad though about Greece… :cry:

My search is continuing but again, much thanks! :astonished:)

V-SILBER is, I think, an abbreviation for the German for silverplate, versilber.

Oh thank you so much! That was also one of my questions! Is the piece Silver or Silver Plated! And here I was thinking it was SILVER! :astonished:/ Oh well! Again, I thank everyone for the help as I am a NOVICE in this field! :astonished:)

Michele K.