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Unique Silver Epergne

My Father, (Of Blessed Memory), acquired this about 35 years ago while running antique auctions in Canada. I have inherited the item, but have no idea of value or the best way to market it. (Either sell directly to a dealer, retail purchaser, through an agent or via auction.)

The epergne stands 22" high and is marked .750, making, I believe a European piece. This is in keeping with the purported provenance, i.e. having originated from one of the Esterhazy Castles.

The lead crystal is in perfect condition. There is one very slight indentation on one side of the base. Two initial, (see pic) are engraved on the center silver support. The silver is delicate and the base is heavily weighted.

I have tried to attach pictures,but I can’t seem to get them down to 500 X 500. I would be most grateful if you would proffer an opinion as to value and the best place to market it. Please contact me for photos.