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Unknown Hallmark Help

Hi all, New here. I’ve inherited some silverware (spoons & forks) with these very similar, yet different hallmarks and no other markings. Can anyone give me some info on what they are? Thanks in advance.


The mark in the middle is the silver proof 800/1000: Lombardo Veneto (Italy) 1812-1872.
The mark to the right is the city: Udine
The mark to the left is the most probably the maker but I do not know it.



George, Thanks a lot for that info.

So these pieces are 80%-100% silver, and made in the mid-19th century near Venice.

I tried my best to Google info on the third mark in each case, but to no avail. Any ideas where I can do more research?

Thanks again,


Exactly in the city of Udine not far from Venice.
As you see there are two different makers but unfortunately I cannot help you with that.

Kind regards,