Unknown marks on imported teapot

I have this nice antique teapot.

According to 2 marks (1 in the lid and the other on the pot) it was imported in France between 1864 and 1893
It shows a weevil in an oval mark.


I can’t figure out from where it is imported.
On the bottom are 3 marks.

One that looks like a ‘D’.
Another one that looks like 3 crowns.
And another that looks like an ‘8’ with the top missing.

I can’t figure out where it is from.
Also I would be curious how old it really is.

Edit: A very friendly person by the name Peter gave me the answers I was looking for.

This tea or coffeepot is Dutch, made in the province of Friesland in the end of the 19th century.

It are alle pseudo marks.
Year-letter D, town mark of the city of Sneek and the maker’s mark: pliers.