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Unknown Marks on silver pickle fork

The item is a silver pickle fork with porcelain handle and i have no clue of the origin of it or how old it is. Hopefully someone will know something about the marks. Very interested to know! I have had to crop the picture to be within the pixel limit so i had to crop the shield that had what i think is the makers initials which are the letters ‘E.P’ Thanks in advance!

Hollie :smiley:
Canon 400D 003.JPG

Hi Hollie,

The bit you cropped is the bit which tells us the pickle fork is electroplate, not silver. You have shown us the maker’s trademark which is (M) (B) (some design) (S) for Maurice Baum of Sheffield. Baum was working late 19th / early 20th century.

Ah right…bit dissapointed its not silver but hey…its good to know maker and where it originates! thanks