Unknown Sterling Silver Piece

Could anyone help me identify this spoon? I can’t find any identifying marks except for a B and an N and a symbol I can’t find on anything else. Thank you

There are actually 2 other marks in addition to the B and N, one to the left of B / N and one to the right of the N. Although I cannot find this particular combination of marks in any of the online references known to me, I think that your spoon is very likely a Hanau (Germany) piece. It is more likely to be a lower grade of silver than sterling, perhaps 800.


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Thank you very much.

i think it is an english spoon if it doesnt say 925 or some other number it isnt solid silver, just plated


This is Hanau, the maker is Neresheimer operating since 1893.
As Phil said the proof is probably 800/1000 or even less.

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