Unusual Markings, Need Help Identifying

Hey all, new to the forum after finding a piece with unusual markings found at the underside of the base.

I’m hoping someone will be familiar with this style of hallmark/inscription as I’ve had issues finding any type of guide to reading it or it’s possible meaning. Here are a few photos of the piece along with close ups of the markings I’ve found on it.

It’s the strange sequences that look like Roman numerals with the exception of the “Z” that I’m having trouble finding information regarding. Anyone have any ideas as to what they mean or how they can be read? Hoping I can find out more about this candelabra! Thanks in advance everyone!

First it’s not for candles - candle holders need to be vertical or the wax will just drip and run everywhere. Its an epergne and should have glass inserts for holding floral decorations, etc. The scratch marks you show are not significant with regard to manufacturer tracing or dating. They may simply be aids to matching the metal holders to the correct insert.

Your epergne may be electroplated or it may simply be a polished base metal alloy - it is not silver.


Thank you for the info! Would you have any suggestions on how I could identify the maker or age? It’s understandably not silver however would love to still know more on this piece

The key is the brand name “Celtic”. An exhaustive internet search may well turn up some useful information. I would suggest that it’s probably mid to late 20th century.