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Unusual silver object that rattles - ANY IDEAS


At first I thought this was a baby’s rattle but it is very heavy and now I’m not so sure. I can’t find any mark on it and it seems quite primative. It is 5" in length and has metal in each end creating a bell-like sound when it is shaken. ANY IDEAS PLEASE?
rsz_bell rattle 2.jpg
rsz_1bell rattle.jpg

Are you sure that its silver?? How heavy is it?

Perhaps it is for an animal to wear so that the owner can find it…

Hi, thanks for replying - no I’m not sure that it is silver as it has no marks and it is heavy far too heavy for a child. An animal is a good thought.
Thanks Pauline

That IS a Baby Rattle… its old silver,or perhaps even pewter at least 47 years old or older… how do I know??? I use to have one of these exactly when I was baby. I remember it cause it was my favorite thing when I was young. given to me from My great - grandma… and later stolen from by a Babysitter when I was 4yrs. It was a bit heavy and the ball piece inside that made the rattle sound could have come out by now.

I’m not real sure about the age cause like I said it was given to me by my great - grandma and it might even be hers… it might even be steal and not Silver at all.
and that’s how they made them back then.

can you imagine how excited I was when I saw it on your site while looking through pictures of silver Rattles in Google?

any chance of you willing to sell it? would love to have it back.

Anyway that’s what it is,
hope that answers your question.
Thank you

Thanks so much for your response to this post. Unfortunately as the original post is so old your response may not be seen by the poster. However, as they have used an e-mail address as their ID, you may be able to make direct contact.