Value and item enquiry

Hello. First time joining in the forum. Have in my possession a beautiful teapot. We believe it to be Viners ltd (Edward), Stirling Silver, 1939 teapot. We are seeking an idea on value, and confirmation on hallmarks. Thank you all.

Sheffield 1939 by Viners Ltd to confirm your identification. However a couple of minor tweaks to the details: It is sterling (not stirling) silver - nothing to do with the Scottish town. And the founder of Viners Ltd was Emil Viener. He was an immigrant from Germany who anglicised his surname to Viner during the 1920s.

As to valuation of your teapot I suggest that you check out Ebay’s completed auctions where you should be able to find teapots of similar age and size. The prices for which which pieces sell are much more realistic than the estimates of experts.