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Vanity Comb

Hi All

Was wondering if anyone has an idea how old this comb is. It was made by the US company Webster Co (founded in 1894) but its real age I don’t know, Size -7.75in

Any comments would be appreciated.


John - post a close up photo of the mark and perhaps we can narrow the date range.


Uncle Vic

Hi Uncle Vic

This is the only photo I can give you as I haven’t received the comb from the seller yet.

I bought it on ‘impulse’ for US$10. I figured it must be worth it :slight_smile:


Thanks, John…that’s the “newer” mark. I’d peg it as 1940s or 50s. I have a very similar comb by another American maker that is from that era. You did very well price-wise - good eye!


Uncle Vic