Vegetable server?

Curious about this piece. It is footed with a roll top lid. Two trays inside - one slotted and one below looks as though it would hold water to keep vegetables warm. Any idea of the age or value? The marks are a W&H flag, a cursive E in a shield, 1839, and 37. Would be interested in any information. Thanks.

Hi, i think the flag with W & H is for Walker & Hall as to the rest, Sorry cant help, but at least you have a starting point.

Yes, it’s Walker & Hall. This is a silverplate mark and the letter, epsilon, is a date code of W&H’s own devising. Unfortunately we don’t have a reference for W&H’s date letters so I can’t tell you when it was made.

It is a breakfast food warmer. Also known as a bacon warmer.
They usually have an inner strainer that is removable.
Most are oval shaped and have an ivory finial which you hold for opening and closing the “lid”.