W.k. Vanderslice bowl help

Hello. I’m a new member and just getting into silver. I came across this bowl and was hoping to learn more about it. I guessing the #10 stamped on the bottom is a model series and if so is it early? There is also

no mention of coin or sterling marks so I’m also assuming it’s plated. Thanks in advance for any info!

You might find this of interest. It is a biography of Vanderslice.

(These transcriptions may also provide information on other silversmiths in California).


San Francisco County Biographies

William Keyser Vanderslice

Transcribed by Donna L. Becker.

Source: “The Bay of San Francisco,” Vol. 2, Pages 666-667, Lewis Publishing Co, 1892.

© 2006 Donna L. Becker.