W. Wilson McGrew (Silversmith)

This will be an odd post but here goes. As they say “nothing ventured…nothing gained”. While at a yard sale in Cape Cod Massachusetts, I picked up a very ornate and unique silver teapot. What little I was able to find out–with the help of my sister doing some out of state sleuthing–in connection with the markings on the bottom-- tells me that it was made by a silversmith (I think from Ohio) named W. Wilson McGrew who lived in the early part of the 19th century. For what the person wanted for it (not much more than the price of a large pizza with 2 or 3 toppings), I was quite intrigued by it. If it turns out to go nowhere (value wise)—not that I am expecting it to be worth big bucks (although that would be nice), at least it will serve as a nice vacation memory.
Aside from the name W. Wilson McGrew which is extremely legible, the only discernible marking (there are three) is an anchor in the middle.
Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

I tried posting a picture but the file size was too large…