Wade and Butcher dinner set

Can anyone help me to get more information about a set of silver that been in my family for a long time? The manufacturer is Wade and Butcher. The only information about Wade and Butcher on the internet is about razors. But I can’t find anthing about dinner sets.
Our set of silver contains a 12person breakfast set, 12 person dinnerset and everything that come to it. The total of the set is 198 pieces.
The marks are pretty difficult to read.
Any information is welcome…

The handles seem to have a Dutch hallmark. Can you get a clearer picture?

Thanks for your reply. With the help of your information I found out that the set is made by Gerritsen & van Kempen in Zeist, The Netherlands in 1934.
So, the manufacturer used Wade and Butcher blades or the blades have been replaced some time.

The only other image I have is this one. Unfortunately I haven’t got the rest of the silver set here. So I can’t make any other pictures.
Anyway, thanks for helping me out.