Walker & Hall & Mappin Queries

]Hello, I need some advice. I am new to all this and am a complete novice. I have attached pictures of two items which I have recently inherited. (Hope the pictures come out)

Can anyone give me information about them. The first are two " cups" with the name Mappin and Webb engraved on them. Has anyone any idea whta they might have been used for and how old they are?

The second is a “bowl” and lid engraved with the name Walker & Hall and “A!” Again, what might it have been used for and how old is it likely to be.

With both, are they worth anything? Do people collect these type of things?[/size]


Mappin AA.jpg
Silver pot AA.jpg

I think that the cups are for punch. The hooks allow them to be hung over the (inner) edge of the punch bowl and hence ready to be used to pour the punch into glasses.

I have no idea about the bowl.

I assume that you meant “A1” and that the “again” meant that A1 is on the cups too. A1 is often found on silverplate so I think that the cups and bowl are most likely silverplate. As such they do not have great commercial value - a few pounds at most. The age is difficult to pin down. From the style I would suggest a post-1950 date for all of them.

If the dish is about 6" it is a muffin dish.