Walker & Hall Tea Set

Hi please can you help me identify what the following is made of and if possible the dates - i cannot find anythign on the dating so i’m not sure if they are plated silver or what - i’m also presuming this is also a set - and if anyone can punt at what it could be potentially worth that would be a nice bonus.

Kind Regards

Your tea service is electroplate rather than solid silver. The letters under the W&H flag marks are W&H’s own date codes but there is no published reference for these. One of our contributors is working on the codes and may be able to help. In the absence of his expertise I would suggest 1930s or 40s.

For value I suggest you check out the completed listings section of eBay. However you should be aware that electroplate has considerably less value than solid silver.

thank you silvermakersmarks for your reply.

Kind Regards