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Wall Sconce Candleabras Marks?

Hi, I have had this set of two Wall Candle Sconces for years and have been trying for almost as long to identify the marks on them, out of curiosity and to value them. Anyone willing to give it a try? :slight_smile: it is the first mark that has been keeping me stumped.It could be a misshapen lions head or it could be some kind of bird? Heck it could be a flying monster for all I can tell. The second marks is a clear crown with three loops and two crosses inside (looks a little like a monkey face) and the third is of two upturned crossed keys. I think these may be solid silver not plate by their malleability. Each has a three stemmed candle holder with ornate removable cups for each.
I’ve taken the best pictures I can for a rainy dreary day and if necessary I will try again when it is brighter but I had to start somewhere. Thanks in advance!

This is a silver plate mark of the Lawrence B Smith Co of Boston, Mass. I’m not sure what the first mark is supposed to be either…

Any idea of an age or value? The wall plate appears to be silver while the arms and cups feel like plate.

Sorry, can’t help with either, but note that if the wall plate is silver it should be marked “sterling” somewhere.