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Want to identify and date this egg holder/cruet (?)

What is this worth and is it Possible to date it?

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The cruet base is electroplated (EPNS) and the maker GL is not known to me. It is not possible to date it. You don’t show a mark on the egg cup - possibly the same as the base?

The spoons appear to have the mark of the US company Gorham, but with no sign of a “sterling” mark they are probably also electroplated. However they do have dated patent mark. I can’t read the date in your pictures but you may be able to work it out by close examination.


I think the date on the spoons say 1861
Would they have electroplated in 1861 or marked it sterling in 1861?
I’m a rookie sorry

The patent date is the earliest they could have been made but the design could have been in use for many years afterwards. American silver is not my field so I cannot comment on when sterling might have been used.

An internet search suggests marking was required from 1908 so the spoons may be silver, but not necessarily sterling.