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what are these?

I have 2 pieces - one looks like a piece to serve pie and one a spoon - I’m wondering what the markings on the back mean, and how much they may be worth- any help is much appreciated
The first pic is the spoon and the back of it, then the pie serving piece. I’ll post the back of it next.
thank you!
pie server handle.jpg
pie server.jpg

pic of back of pie serving piece

You seem to have posted the marks on your pie server twice.

I know the spoon as a “berry spoon”. It appears to be of the type which began its life as a standard Georgian silver spoon and was subsequently decorated. The marks should tell us about its origins.

Here is the picture of the spoon handle close up.
spoon handle close up smaller.jpg

Just a quick question. Were these pieces actually used to serve food or were they seen as more of a decoration? They seem so detailed to be pieces for actual use, in my opinion. Thanks.

I don’t know. They were given to me years ago and I’ve never known them to be used, but they may have been before my lifetime.
Anyone have any opinion about how much these may be worth?

The hallmark on the berry spoon shows that it was originally assayed in London in London in 1802 and made by Thomas Wallis. It later fell victim to the Victorian vogue for “decorating” old spoons.

Single berry spoons of this sort are selling on eBay for £50-£75.

The cake server is US sterling; I don’t recognise the manufacturer.

In answer to Elise, these were definitely intended for use.