What can this be ????????


I am told this is a letter opener but have my doubts - can anyone help - 6 inches long -also does anyone know the significance of the finial - British sailor Union Flag crossed cannons * unknown flag next to the union flag? Victorian ? has 5 marks gothic b-a-s-p- & a crown over EP?

yours aye



I think I would have described this as a letter opener. The unknown flag could very well be the French tricolour and this could be a souvenir of the Entente Cordiale from 1904. Having said that the style of the sailor’s uniform is earlier than 1904 so it may be from an earlier cooperative venture.

I can’t help with the marks, a picture of which I see you have posted in the Unidentified Marks section, other than the obvious comment that EP stands for electroplate.

Many thanks !!!