What does this mark mean?

Hi guys,

I have a crystal and silver barrel-form decanter. There is no date letter only this hallmark (First picture) embedded in this shield shape (Second picture). The first image is a man holding a bow and arrow. Accompanied by this there is a “1714” beside it. I cannot figure out the age or origin of this object. It came into our family 50 or so years ago. Any help would be appreciated.

Your first picture appears to be a lion passant indicating sterling silver (turn it 90 degrees clockwise) and the I in a shield is identical to the London date letter for 1884. If this is true then you are 3 marks missing - uncrowned leopard’s head for London, duty mark (Queen Victoria) and maker’s mark. Could these have been polished away in the last 125 years? Can you get a picture of the whole decanter and also of the area where the marks are for us?