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What is "pick" with ? "finger guard?"

We have a pair of these and no clue as to what they are. The sword-type picks have a removable pincher-like cover that might function as a finger guard. We thought maybe to skewer meat while keeping your fingers clean? Or is it a sewing implement of some sort? Or something else altogether?

We are also stumped by the hallmarks. It is O.B in a diamond * .925 in an oval * Delta (triangle) in an oval * k in a square-with-rounded-corners. It appears to probably be out of Birmingham, but the O.B maker’s mark brings up nothing on a search. Any help to be had there?

Overall each is about 3-1/4" long. The guard part is about 1-3/4" long and a little wider than 3/4" at the widest point. One of the picks is more square-shaped without marks and one is round with .925 in an oval * k in a square-with-rounded-corners. That ones also has the word “Patent” engraved on it.

We ran across this site while researching and this is our first post here. We sincerely appreciate any help that might be provided. The site appears to be a very useful tool and I’m sure we will be no stranger here in the future.

Thank you in advance for any help!

I’ve definitely seen some of these before but I can’t remember what they are or even if they were identified. Maybe it will com eto me later.

In the meantime some words about the hallmark. You have correctly identified the triangle as being a Birmingham mark; it was used instead of the normal anchor mark to show that the item was imported. The presence of the word “patent” suggests to me that they might have been from USA originally. OB would have been the importers, not necessarily the makers of the objects. Unfortunately I am unable to identify the owner of the mark.

At least you HAVE seen them before! They were new to us. If you do think of the use, please let us know.

And thank you for the information about the hallmarks. That was helpful.

We found the answer!

Thought someone else might appreciate the information as well so I am sharing the link.

They are lemon squeezers.