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What is this made of?

Hi, newbie here, hoping to get some assistance. I found this heavily tarnished metal handled

tray at a thrift store. I first tried silver polish but that didn’t seem to do much so moved on to Autosol metal polish and have gotten quite a bit of tarnish off. But there are black spots remaining on the design and I’m not sure what to do next re:spots and cleaning the base. Also the only ID on the base is the number 1492. Does anyone know what this kind of tray is made of, how to clean it better and what it’s used for?

It looks as if it probably is, or rather was, electroplated nickel silver (EPNS). The black tarnish would have been from the silver coating. The metal polish which you have used appears to have completely ruined the silver silver and exposed the base white metal. The silver plating may of course have already been breaking down when you bought it.

I presume that this footed dish would have been for a fruit display. The central depression may have been intended for a larger fruit such as a pineapple.

If you don’t mind removing the plating then I suggest you carry on as you have been doing; there are no easy short cuts.