what is this

I found this silver legged pot in a box of inherited junk. I can’t find one like it in all my searches. I’d like to find out the history on it. It’s a very interesting piece. Thanks for your comments. :slight_smile:

Difficult to tell from the photograph. Could be a coffee pot? Could be for hot water?
Are there any markings on the base that would give a clue as to the makers, also as to whether it is plate, pewter etc. What size is it?

Then again, if it were for hot liquid then you’d expect some inserts to isolate the handle, such as ivory :confused:

It is 8.5 by 5 inches. It holds just over 2 cups of water. There are no marks on it that I can see. I don’t know much about the metal type, but I am guessing it is silver. Is there a way to tell? The lid is hinged and the pot is double spouted. It is quite ornate. The leg portions have men’s heads and upper bodies, with ball claw feet. The lid has a griffin type character on top of it. There is filagree detailing and the craftsmanship is amazing.

It’s quite small… No marks at all? Not even under the lid or inside the handle? It would be extremely unusual for a silver, silver plate or even a pewter object not to have any markings, especially something as ornate as this. :confused:

I have scoured over it and cannot find the faintest of markings. I have no experience with antiques and such, but this piece is so absolutely beautiful and interesting, I am curious to no end. Whatever it is, it looks as though it got a lot of use. There is wear on the inside, marks from a sharp object.

If you can get some clearer photographs, plus some nice close-ups, then try posting them on this site


You may just strike lucky

Thanks so much for your thoughts and suggestions, much appreciated! :slight_smile: